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Natural Albino® Pineberry - Available for the first time in U.S.!


The unique history of the Pineberry... 

Back in the early 1600s our American wild strawberry (Fragaria virginiana) was brought to France, which improved some of the qualities of the native European strawberries. In the 1700s, a strawberry from Chile (Fragaria chiloensis) was introduced. Although much better in size, and light colored, the plant was infertile, producing few berries.

Gardeners soon discovered, however, that planted next to the American variety it produced abundant fruit, so much bigger than what they could grow at that time... and in places where fruit dropped and seeds germinated, an altogether new species emerged...(Fragaria ananassa). And seeds were dropping everywhere, creating many new types, with varying sizes, colors and tastes, and much better winter hardiness...which is now recognized as the beginnings of the modern strawberry we know today.



A new variety of fruit

A "pineberry" group of varieties was identified due to superb taste and aroma, very reminiscent of a pineapple. There were many Pineberry" types, mostly small, with light colors and excellent flavor.  Only recently, Dr. Hans De Jongh, a Dutch strawberry breeder, who long persevered in searching for some of these old varieties to use as breeding stock, has released Natural Albino®.  Considered one of the best pineberries available, it is larger in size and yield, dramatic in color, sweeter in taste and has excellent winter hardiness.



What makes the Natural Albino® so unique?

Natural Albino® Pineberry, like one of its ancestors is not self-fertile... it needs pollen from a different variety to produce its distinctive fruit. Nourse Farms has identified another Dutch variety to complement Natural Albino®.  A recent addition to the Nourse line, Sonata (U.S. Plant Patent # 18,000), a traditional, large-fruited, red strawberry variety - - which also has excellent flavor and attractive appearance - - has proven to be an excellent choice to grow with Natural Albino® for cross pollination.

Through testing here in Massachusetts, we have determined that the ratio for best fruit production is 1 pollinator for every 4 pineberry plants.  Be part of this first-time limited offering! Every bundle will incude 5 large, dormant plug plants: 4 Natural Albino® Pineberry and 1 required pollinator, Sonata.  These large plug plants will produce fruit approximately 55 days from planting!





Size of the Natural Albino®



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