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The NourseDifference

Our Guarantee for Success


At Nourse Farms, we don’t just sell berry plants, we care about the success of every customer. Our customer service is second to none. We have a specialized staff with in-depth industry and product knowledge, and we strive to educate our customers as well. Whether it’s asked via email, letter, or a phone call, we take the time to answer any questions that our gardeners have.

The vast selection of plants we sell also sets us apart. We take great pride in growing and offering a broad range of varieties. Our goal is to accommodate gardening needs across the country. We are continually testing and adding new varieties to our offerings.

Why Dormant Bare Root Plants?

We sell dormant bare root plants (sleeping plant with no soil around the roots) because years of experience have shown us that they will establish readily in your garden. Upon first glance, you would wonder how these roots can prosper for you, but they will perform very well.

We pack the bare roots in moist paper, place them in plastic bags to conserve moisture (except asparagus & horseradish) and store them in boxes in our state of the art coolers at 28° until they are shipped to you. We schedule our shipments to customers so that plants are received by Friday of each week, and plants aren’t left sitting on trucks over a weekend.

It’s important to plant immediately upon receipt. Please refer to our Planting Guide or our Planting Tips for detailed instructions.