Day Neutrals (Everbearing) Strawberry Plants

  • Albion strawberry plant produces firm, conical fruit with good flavor.

    Soldout for 2021 Season
  • Evie 2 is an easy to grow strawberry plant, producing high yields.

    Supply Limited - Max order qty is 500

  • A strong performing strawberry plant with remarkable fragrance.

    Soldout for 2021 Season
  • This strawberry plant has good flavored fruit and will produce a large crop.

    Supply Limited - Max order qty is 25

  • San Andreas strawberry plant produces berries with outstanding flavor and shows good disease resistance.

    Supply Limited - Max order qty is 100

  • Seascape

    One of our Top Ten Strawberry varieties!

    Seascape strawberry plant is productive with large flavorful fruit.