Nourse Farms' Journey - Where We Started

Roger Lewis established Lewis Farms in Andover, MA

Tim Nourse services in U.S. Marine Corps

Time Nourse graduates from UConn, College of Agriculture Health, and Natural Resources with a B.S. in Agromony.

Tim Nourse meets Roger Lewis and is hired as the Farm Manager

The nursery moves from Andover, MA to Whately, MA; Tim Nourse is part owner.

Time Nourse becomes the sole owner of the nursery, renames it Nourse Farms.

Nourse Farms specializes in strawberry and small fruit plants.

Time Nourse establishes the farm's first tissue culture lab after attending a lecture on "making plants from bits and pieces" at Beltsville Research Station.

Customized cooling facility built, allowing for storage of dormant, bare root plants.

Photo left was featured in the 1993 Catalog.
Pictured are (left to right):
Anne Kowaleck, Annette Tirrell, Susan Cheplick, Bob Mizula, and Mary and Time Nourse.

Nourse Farms 1993 Staff

Third version of the tissue culture laboratory and micropropagation facility built.

Nourse Farms 1993 Staff

Nourse Farms purchases 5-Acre Farm in Northfield, MA.

Expansion of cooler to add 60% more space.

First year of commercial production of tray plants and long canes in the Northfield location.

John Place comes on board as COO.

Nourse Farms 1993 Staff

Expansion for additional long-cane and tray plant production in Whately.