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Released from the Cornell Small Fruit Breeding Program in Geneva, New York. Jewel is our most popular black raspberry variety. It produces excellent yields of superb quality berries. The fruit is glossy black in color, a large size, and has a rich raspberry flavor. It is an excellent choice for use in jams and jellies. Jewel is winter hardy and a very reliable choice.

(Bristol x Dundee)

Berry Color: Black
Berry Size: Large
Best in Zones: 5 - 8
Firmness: Firm
Freezing Quality: Good
Flavor: Good
Winter Hardy: Good
Ships as: Plug Plant
special features
This Summer Bearing Raspberry Plant bears fruit 1 year after planting.
special features
Contains high levels of Nutraceuticals, a substance providing a healthy benefit to the human body!
special features
We recommend a soil pH level of 6.5 - 6.8 for raspberry plants.


Planted 5 plants in spring of 2019. This year (2020) we picked around 20 plus quart of these berries. Young plants grew fast (with frequent watering during dry spells). Filled in quickly. Looking foward to trying other varieties of Nourse rasberries for later season picking.

Mark M
Home Grower
Zone 7

Toronto, Ohio - I bought 5 of these this year (2020) and planted them following the guide Nourse sent. They came packaged unbelievably well, the planting and care guide is so well written, planting was a breeze. I had to store them in the refrigerator for almost 2 weeks before planting. I had a question about this and received an immediate response from Nourse with excellent customer service! They are growing very well since planting and I’m excited to get fruit next year!
I will and am looking forward to purchasing from Nourse again!

Billie P
Home Grower
Zone 6

These plants arrived with the most outstanding root system available. Planting was easy and fruit production was outstanding.

George F
Home Grower

I planted these raspberry plants in a raised bed in April 2018, and they are producing now. All of the plants are thriving.

Kathleen K
Home Grower
Zone 7

Northern IL.- Purchased and planted 25 plants in 2016. With basic soil prep (spring tilling and a light layer of composted manure) and lots of mulch I had 100% germination. Plants are very strong and vigorous growers. With proper care and pruning I was blessed with an amazing harvest of 23 pounds berries for my first crop in 2018! In case you didn't raspberries make the greatest jelly on earth!.

Mike G
Home Grower
Zone 5

I ordered these black raspberry plants from Nourse years ago. They are indestructible and prolific. I pick gallons off my vines each year. They need a large trellis, because they grow so well. Initially, I didn't realize how much space they needed and so I planted them too close to one another. I had to move 2 of my 5 plants in the middle of July and they survived the move without a hitch. I like the fact that they aren't everbearing but give their entire crop all at once. In Central Illinois that is late June. If you trellis them well, they are super easy to pick.

Home Grower
Zone 5

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