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Plants ship between January - July.   Ship dates are selected during checkout process.

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25 $22.00
100 $80.00
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5,000 $204.00 / per 1,000
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Sparkle is the best strawberry for jam and freezing. Sparkle has been known for flavorful, high-quality, attractive fruit for over 60 years. You'll be rewarded with a nice crop of tasty, medium-sized berries by not allowing the bed to become too thick. An extremely vigorous variety, Sparkle is an excellent choice for home gardeners and pick-your-own operations in northern climates. Heirloom quality. Recommended for beginners.

(Fairfax x Aberdeen)

Berry Size: Small/Med
Best in Zones: 3 - 8
Firmness: Moderate
Freezing Quality: Excellent
Resistant to: Red Stele
Ships as: Bare Root
special features
We recommend a soil pH level of 6.5 - 6.8 for strawberry plants.
special features
This June Bearing Strawberry Plant bears fruit 1 year after planting.
special features
Easy to grow!
special features
This is what a bundle of 25 strawberry bare roots looks like when it is shipped.


I planted these along with Rutgers Scarlett, Flavorfest, Cabot, Mara des Bois, and Charlotte (not carried by nourse). These are the tastiest berries along with the Mara des Bois, although they're larger berries than Mara des Bois in general. Flavorfest is almost as good when fully ripe if not a tiny bit more tart, Cabot is similar, Charlotte is more sweet than sour, and Scarlett is a little more on the tart side if not fully ripe. Don't get me wrong, all of them put store bought to shame.... but as far as overall strawberry flavor, these take the cake. Now if only their berries were as big as Cabot's..... I did notice a little bit of what may be leaf disease, but overall very vigorous plants.

Avid Wyoming Gardener
Home Grower
Zone 5

I planted these late, they were dry from being stored too long in my shed, and I lost all but 9 of 25 plants put in the ground, my own fault. After a HOT June and July, we got rain and cooler temps for most of August, and Sparkle put out more than enough runners to fill in the bed to replace the lost plants. Will harvest judiciously next year so I don't stress the new plants, but I am more than pleased. Will not order from any other company but Nourse from now on.

Home Grower
Zone 6

I live in a very short growing season that is zone 2 - 3 and our latest frost can be June 15 and the first frost can be August 15. I only get berries for about 2 to 3 weeks. I am delighted to get any berries with our short growing season. These berries are absolutely delicious. They are red all the way through. Some of my berries this year were huge - - like the ones in the store, but the taste was so much better. I replace my plants about every three years because we have such a harsh climate. These are excellent.

Home Grower
Zone 3

Berries grew fast very full flavored easy to manage the plants . The only thing that I didn’t care for was the size and that was my fault I needed to select a larger strawberry to plant . Overall thrill with everything from purchasing ,planting ,mainting or caring for the plants and of course eating

Rob M
Home Grower
Zone 6

Actually we are becoming commercial growers. We planted Sparkle a few years ago as test to get started. Everyone who tried our berries was visually impressed, you could see by the look on the faces that Sparkle had the taste they had been waiting seeking. A fellow farmer said, " You 'll never have trouble selling the second quart." We have made jamb with 1/3 less sugar because these berries are that sweet. we have tried the other growers berries and none of the others stand up to Sparkle.

Pic & Picnic at Sunset Gardens
Commercial Grower
Zone 6

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