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Steps to Success: Blueberries

Follow our Steps to Success for great results!

Blueberries are a great investment for health and happiness, and Nourse Farms can show you how they are one of the easiest fruits to produce. With proper attention to soil pH, and choosing your planting area wisely, you can reap harvests for 20-30 years or more!

Studies show that eating plenty of blueberries can improve your memory and eyesight. But don’t forget to order early and make sure the pH goes below 5.0 for sure success. Our 18-inch, dormant bare-root plants are now cell grown for the highest quality and unifomity available. 

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Maintain your Blueberry Plants


  • It is very important to regularly test the acidity of the soil and make amendments as necessary


  • 1" – 2" rainfall or equivalent per week throughout the growing season


  • Year 1– 1oz ammonium sulfate in a circular band around each plant
  • Following years: 2oz per plant at bloom time and again 1 month later
  • Avoid fertilizers containing potassium chloride
  • Do not fertilize after July


  • Mulch with 3"–4" wood chips
  • Avoid treated or colored bark mulch
  • Regular manual weeding is necessary
  • Contact your local extension for chemical recommendations


  • Pruning will be required annually during dormancy. Remove the lowest branches, weak branches and any that are less than 6" long. Older canes in the center of the plant should be removed to allow air and sunlight in. For more detailed pruning instructions, see our Planting Success Guide. You may wish to purchase the how–to video by Oregon State University (available through our catalog).

Growing BlueberriesClick to print PDF of the Blueberry Steps to Success