The right grower accessories make all the difference!

Books & DVDs

  • Asparagus Production Guide Grower Accessories Books &  DVDs

    Asparagus Production Guide

    Comprehensive 66 page bulletin that covers the planting, harvesting and marketing of asparagus.  Includes several color photos of insects, diseases and planting techniques to aid the grower.  Written by Carl J. Cantaluppi, Jr., an asparagus expert with over 30 years of applied research experience, enabling growers to become successful.  Additional sources of information are also given.

    Price: $27.50

  • Midwest Small Fruit Pest Management Handbook Grower Accessories Books &  DVDs

    Midwest Small Fruit Pest Management Handbook

    Information on strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and grape production methods and pest management practices. Includes concepts and strategies of: Integrated Pest Management, pest monitoring, identification/explanation of major diseases, and cultural practices for disease control.

    Price: $47.60

  • Midwest Strawberry Production Guide Grower Accessories Books &  DVDs

    Midwest Strawberry Production Guide

    An extensive instruction manual with full color photos for both beginners and established stawberry growers containing comprehensive, regionally relevant information on growing strawberries for profit. This guide has in-depth information on current varieties and production practices, plasiticulture in the Midwest, recommendations for insect, disease, and weed control with full color pictures. Edited and compiled by Ohio State University Extension.

    Price: $28.00

  • New England Small Fruit Pest Management Guide Grower Accessories Books &  DVDs

    New England Small Fruit Pest Management Guide

    Published by UMASS Extension Services in partnership with the New England Vegetable and Berry Growers Association. Comprehensive pest management guide for small fruits in the northeast.  The guide presents general growing recommendations regarding soils, nutrients, cover crops, water, and weed management.  

    Price: $24.00

  • Nourse Farms Plasticulture DVDs Grower Accessories Books &  DVDs

    Nourse Farms Plasticulture DVDs

    Volume 1 Covers year one including site preparation, planting and winter protecton. 30 minutes.

    Volume 2 Covers year two including harvest and renovation. 30 minutes.



  • Plasticulture Starter Kit Grower Accessories Books &  DVDs

    Plasticulture Starter Kit

    Kit includes the following items:

    Plasticulture DVD (volumes 1 & 2)
    Plasticulture Guide Booklet
    Plasticulture Tool (qty 2) 


    Price: $99.95

  • Pruning Highbush Blueberry DVD Grower Accessories Books &  DVDs

    Pruning Highbush Blueberry DVD

    A grower's guide to Pruning Highbush Blueberries is available direct from Nourse Farms. The 22 minute presentation features Dave Brazelton, a commercial grower and blueberry specialist, and the staff of Oregon State University. The film is designed for use by commercial growers and home gardeners to answer the how-tos in pruning your blueberry plants.

    Price: $42.00

  • Raspberry and Blackberry Production Guide Grower Accessories Books &  DVDs

    Raspberry and Blackberry Production Guide

    For novice and experienced growers! This guide is specific for growers in the Northeast, Midwest and Eastern Canada. For novice and experienced growers. Information on all aspects of raspberry and blackberry culture including site selection, trellising, pruning, irrigation, pesticide application, harvesting, budgeting, marketing, cultivar descriptions. Field, high tunnel, and greenhouse production are reviewed. Published by NRAES Co-operative Extension.

    Price: $38.00

  • Strawberry Eats and Treats Grower Accessories Books &  DVDs

    Strawberry Eats and Treats

    Not just great recipes, but helpful hints on handling & freezing. Historic facts, folklore & poetry! Created by the North American Strawberry Growers Association.

    Price: $9.95

  • The Mid Atlantic Berry Guide Grower Accessories Books &  DVDs

    The Mid Atlantic Berry Guide

    This full color guide is produced by Penn State in cooperation with Rutgers University, the University of Delaware, the University of Maryland, Virginia Tech and West Virginia University. This guide provides general information on preplant considerations, soil management and nutrition, and pest management, as well as specific information for planting strawberries, blueberries, brambles, gooseberries and currants. Appendices provide information on expanded special topics, diagnostic services, nursery sources of berry plants, and production supplies and services. Additional sources of information are also given.

    Price: $42.00

Tools & Supplies

  • All Pro Digging Trowel Grower Accessories Tools & Supplies

    All Pro Digging Trowel

    A fine, narrow bladed digger with a comfortable plastic hand grip. Excellent for all-around gardening and for transplanting.

    Price: $17.94

  • Asparagus Knife Grower Accessories Tools & Supplies

    Asparagus Knife

    Strong and sharp!  A commercial grower's knife which will make a nice, clean cut and is the ideal tool to harvest asparagus spears.  This knife has 9" shaft with a 5" wooden handle.   Overall length is 19.5", and blade is 1.5" x 5.5".  Replacements blades available.

    Price: $16.99

  • Asparagus Knife Replacement Blade Grower Accessories Tools & Supplies

    Asparagus Knife Replacement Blade

    This replacement blade for our Asparagus Knife is 1.5 inches wide x 5.5 inches long. Includes 2 pop-rivets. 

    Price: $4.99

  • Floating Rowcover Grower Accessories Tools & Supplies

    Floating Rowcover

    This non-woven fabric covering is permeable to air and water. It is also abrasion and tear resistant. Advantages of use include: earlier sowing, better growth, earlier harvest, and larger yields. Also acts as an insect and bird barrier.  (50' x 6')

    Price: $24.50

  • Plasticulture Tool Grower Accessories Tools & Supplies

    Plasticulture Tool

    Stainless steel tool designed to push dormant, bare-root strawberry plants through plastic. Designed with a half-moon shaped end to make only small holes in plastic.  Made exclusively for Nourse Farms.

    Price: $14.00

Soil Amendments

  • Agrigel® Grower Accessories Soil Amendments


    Ensure success with berry plants, vegetables and other garden transplants too!

    Just add water to Agrigel and dip roots of transplants into the slurry. Particles attach to the roots and act like little reservoirs to keep roots moist while plants are getting established. Use 1 ounce per gallon of water. 


  • Ammonium Sulfate Grower Accessories Soil Amendments

    Ammonium Sulfate

    Ammonium sulfate is a great option to create an acid condition for blueberry plants.  This product is water soluble and also intensifies blue color in Hydranges.  4lbs.

    Price: $9.99

  • Jack's Classic Blueberry Fertilizer Grower Accessories Soil Amendments

    Jack's Classic Blueberry Fertilizer

    Jack's Classic Acid Special 17-6-6 is very effective in reducing the soil pH, which keeps iron and other trace elements available to the plant. In planting next to the concrete foundations of the home, where pH is elevated, it will keep the leaves green and healthy, promoting lush vegetative growth and better blooms. This formula contains elevated levels of iron and sulfur which most of the acid-loving plants require. Feeds through both the roots and leaves.

    Promotes lush vegetative growth and better blooms for Azalea, Camellia, Rhododendron, Pin Oak, Holly, Hydrangea (blue), Magnolia, White and Yellow Pines, Spruce, Cedar, Birch, and Blueberry plantings.


  • Jack’s Classic 20-20-20 Fertilizer Grower Accessories Soil Amendments

    Jack’s Classic 20-20-20 Fertilizer

    All purpose 20-20-20. For use only after plants become established. Use this well-balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on all indoor and outdoor plants, trees, shrubs, vegetables, and turf. Feeds through both the roots and leaves. More Professional growers use this general-purpose fertilizer than any other formula. 


  • Soil Acidifier Grower Accessories Soil Amendments

    Soil Acidifier

    This all-natural, fast-acting acidifier is also a long-lasting source of sulfur.  Optimizes soil pH and turns pink hydrangeas blue!  Perfect to use when planting blueberries to lower soil pH.

    Price: $10.39

Irrigation Supplies

  • Total Drip Irrigation System Grower Accessories Irrigation Supplies

    Total Drip Irrigation System

    Keeping a proper moisture level throughout the season is essential to growing healthy berry plants.  For planting in raised beds, drip irrigation is imperative.  The complete system comes with everything you need for successful planting.  This efficient use of our most valuable resource provides great benefits to our environment and your plants!

    Kit includes:

    - 250ft. roll of drip tubing
    - 5 Perma-Loc Tees
    1 Perma-Loc Elbow
    - 1 Perma-Loc Coupling
    - 1 Regulator/Screen Assembly
    - installation instruction sheet


    Price: $78.50

Pest and Disease Control

  • Biosafe Grower Accessories Pest and Disease Control


    Disease control for fruit and vegetable plants. A ready to spray disease treatment for gardens and greenhouses, Biosafe kills pathogens on contact. Use as curative and preventive applications against such diseases as Powdery/Downey Mildew, Anthracnose, Early/Late Blight, Bacterial Spot, Pythium, Phytophthora, or Fusarium.  We use BioSafe at Nourse Farms with great results!

    This size bottle connects to a hose for easy application, will cover up to 12000 sq.ft. (32 oz. bottle)

    - EPA Registered
    - OMRI listed
    - No residue allows picking the same day as treatment
    - Indoor and outdoor use

    Price: $25.95

  • Bird Netting Grower Accessories Pest and Disease Control

    Bird Netting

    This includes the netting, and the twist locks. All you need to supply is the upright supports and put it together.  Complete installation instructions are included. 

    The 17’ x 50’ unit will cover 6 blueberry bushes.
    (View Instructions)
    The 17' x 100' will cover 12 blueberry bushes.
    (View instructions)


  • Insect & Bird Netting Grower Accessories Pest and Disease Control

    Insect & Bird Netting

    Protect your harvest from many pests, including Spotted Wing Dsosophila (SWD), Drosophila suzukii, a new invasive pest which can cause extensive damage to many fruit crops. Its presence has been confirmed in most states.  Unlike native types of drosophila which deposit their eggs in fully ripe fruit, this one deposits eggs in fruit before fruit is ripe.  By the time the fruit is ripe, the larvae can be very well developed.

    View Instructions




  • Gift Certificate Grower Accessories Gift Certificates

    Gift Certificate

    If you're not sure which are the perfect berry plants for your friends or family, let them decide.... People love receiving our gift certificates! A catalog is sent with each certificate.


    (You will be required to select a ship date during the checkout process, that date is plant related.   Gift Certificates are STILL mailed right away.)