• Biosafe Pest and Disease Control Pest and Disease Control


    Disease control for fruit and vegetable plants. A ready to spray disease treatment for gardens and greenhouses, Biosafe kills pathogens on contact. Use as curative and preventive applications against such diseases as Powdery/Downey Mildew, Anthracnose, Early/Late Blight, Bacterial Spot, Pythium, Phytophthora, or Fusarium.  We use BioSafe at Nourse Farms with great results!

    This size bottle connects to a hose for easy application, will cover up to 12000 sq.ft. (32 oz. bottle)

    - EPA Registered
    - OMRI listed
    - No residue allows picking the same day as treatment
    - Indoor and outdoor use

    Price: $25.95

  • Bird Netting Pest and Disease Control Pest and Disease Control

    Bird Netting

    This includes the netting, and the twist locks. All you need to supply is the upright supports and put it together.  Complete installation instructions are included. 

    The 17’ x 50’ unit will cover 6 blueberry bushes.
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    The 17' x 100' will cover 12 blueberry bushes.
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  • Insect & Bird Netting Pest and Disease Control Pest and Disease Control

    Insect & Bird Netting

    Protect your harvest from many pests, including Spotted Wing Dsosophila (SWD), Drosophila suzukii, a new invasive pest which can cause extensive damage to many fruit crops. Its presence has been confirmed in most states.  Unlike native types of drosophila which deposit their eggs in fully ripe fruit, this one deposits eggs in fruit before fruit is ripe.  By the time the fruit is ripe, the larvae can be very well developed.

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