• All Pro Digging Trowel Tools & Supplies Tools & Supplies

    All Pro Digging Trowel

    A fine, narrow bladed digger with a comfortable plastic hand grip. Excellent for all-around gardening and for transplanting.

    Price: $17.94

  • Asparagus Knife Tools & Supplies Tools & Supplies

    Asparagus Knife

    Strong and sharp!  A commercial grower's knife which will make a nice, clean cut and is the ideal tool to harvest asparagus spears.  This knife has 9" shaft with a 5" wooden handle.   Overall length is 19.5", and blade is 1.5" x 5.5".  Replacements blades available.

    Price: $16.99

  • Asparagus Knife Replacement Blade Tools & Supplies Tools & Supplies

    Asparagus Knife Replacement Blade

    This replacement blade for our Asparagus Knife is 1.5 inches wide x 5.5 inches long. Includes 2 pop-rivets. 

    Price: $4.99

  • Floating Rowcover Tools & Supplies Tools & Supplies

    Floating Rowcover

    This non-woven fabric covering is permeable to air and water. It is also abrasion and tear resistant. Advantages of use include: earlier sowing, better growth, earlier harvest, and larger yields. Also acts as an insect and bird barrier.  (50' x 6')

    Price: $24.50

  • Plasticulture Tool Tools & Supplies Tools & Supplies

    Plasticulture Tool

    Stainless steel tool designed to push dormant, bare-root strawberry plants through plastic.  Designed with a half-moon shaped end to make only small holes in plastic.  Made exclusively for Nourse Farms.

    Price: $14.00