Strawberries - The first fruits of the season!

Strawberries mean summer has arrived!

Select the strawberry plants that best suit your goal - - - use our filters to choose plants we have selected for home gardeners, commercial growers, growing zone, and fruiting season.  Then, enjoy!

  • AC Valley Sunset

    This strawberry plant produces large fruit with great taste.

  • AC Wendy

    This strawberry plant is our #1 Early Season Commercial Variety.

  • Albion

    Albion produces firm, conical fruit with good flavor.

  • Allstar

    This strawberry plant produces large, sweet berries. Great for beginners!

  • Annapolis

    The strawberry plant pick for upper mid-west gardeners.

  • Brunswick

    Winter hardy strawberry plant with consistent yields.

  • Cabot

    Cabot strawberry plant produces huge berries that taste great!

  • Cavendish

    Long standing, good performing strawberry plant.

  • Darselect

    Great performing strawberry plant with excellent flavored berries.

  • Dickens

    This fruit ripens to a good sweet flavor with a bright red skin color and red interior.

  • Earliglow

    Earliglow strawberry plant is great for beginners. Heirloom quality.

  • Evie 2

    Easy-to-grow strawberry plant, producing high yields.

  • Flavorfest

    Flavorfest Strawberry Plant produces attractive red berries with excellent flavor.

  • Galletta

    Galletta strawberry plant produces, big, glossy, good-quality berries.

  • Honeoye

    This strawberry plant is great for beginners and home gardeners.

  • Jewel

    Jewel strawberry plant is a top seller with superb quality.

  • Mara Des Bois

    A strong performing strawberry plant with remarkable fragrance.

  • San Andreas

    San Andreas strawberry plant produces berries with outstanding flavor and shows good disease resistance.

  • Seascape

    Seascape strawberry plant is productive with large flavorful fruit.

  • Sonata

    This strawberry plant produces large, uniform, conic-shaped fruit.

  • Sparkle

    Heirloom quality. This strawberry plant is recommended for beginners.

  • Yambu

    Yambu is a vigorous plant with excellent flavor!