Located in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts

Greetings from Whately, MA!

It is hard to believe we are celebrating over 80 great years of being in the berry plant business. We want to thank everyone who helped get us here. While many things have changed, our commitment to offering the best berry plants continues. Updates to our facilities and propagation methods over the years have kept us at state of the art readiness and we will continue to refine our business.

Our plant propagation program has been enhanced by the acquisition of two new farms, neither of which have ever been planted with strawberry or raspberry plants. These virgin lands have begun to yield very healthy and vigorous plants, nearly half of our 2012 strawberry plant crop. These new soils will be planted in to our system over the next three years, allowing us the opportunity to offer the best plants for years to come.

Many customers rave about abundant harvests and plants that yield the first season from our selections. Some customers, who haven’t been so fortunate, come to us for advice and we give tips and encouragement. Berries aren’t the easiest crop to produce, but a little extra effort can yield great results. Our staff has been learning how to help you grow the best berry plants even better. Their knowledge of growing and caring for plants is something they are excited to share with you. Whatever your issue, we will help you find a solution and give our best recommendation.

Nourse Farms, Inc.

Located in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, Nourse Farms is a premier grower of the finest small fruit plants.

We have been producing superior quality, dormant, bare root plants for over 80 years, and serve both the home garden and commercial grower markets with equal enthusiasm.

Established in 1932 in Andover, Massachusetts by Roger Lewis, the nursery was sold to the Nourses in 1968 and moved to its present site in Whately, Massachusetts. We are located in the Connecticut River Valley of Western Massachusetts where we are blessed with very fertile, well-drained soils. The farming operations now encompass some 400 acres in the towns of Whately, Hatfield, and Montague, MA.

Tim Mary Nate Nourse

The Nourses have grown the business far beyond their expectations.

Tim has always been a forward thinker, and in 1980 he created a state of the art tissue culture laboratory and micropropagation facility at the farm. This was a bold step, and allowed for all foundation material to be produced and virus tested onsite.

In 1982, a customized cooling facility was built, which has allowed storage of dormant, bare root plants in ideal conditions. In 1987 a second, and larger storage facility was built. What was once solely a strawberry nursery with annual sales less than 1 million plants has become a nationally recognized small fruit nursery, producing raspberries, ribes, blueberries, asparagus, rhubarb and horseradish and shipping more than 20 million plants a year.

Our Goal is to provide customers with virus-free, highly productive plants from proven varieties. We stay on the edge of the latest developments and are constantly identifying and testing new varieties throughout the country.

Our continued work with virus-indexing and ELISA testing, as well as our tissue culture propagation are all integral parts of our dedication to producing the finest small fruit plants.