Jersey Knight Asparagus Roots

Jersey Knight

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25 $26.00
50 $45.50
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300 $149.00
600 $220.00
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14,000 $3,500.00
60,000 $14,160.00

One of the New Jersey asparagus hybrids, Jersey Knight is extremely vigorous, has large, succulent spears, and quickly attracts a loyal following. The flavor is excellent, and the plant is resistant to rust, crown rot and fusarium. It also performs equally well in heavy, clay-like soils.


Best in Zones: 3 - 8
Flavor: Good
Freezing Quality: Excellent
Age: 1 year roots
special features
We recommend a soil pH level of 7.0 - 7.2 for asparagus plants.
special features
Asparagus plants produce a light harvest in the 2nd year, a larger harvest the 3rd year, and a full harvest in subsequent years.


I purchased asparagus From nourse 10 years ago. My plants are planted in heavier clay. I can’t recall the variety but they are doing great. 10 years later and we eat asparagus for a good month every spring. Remember you must attempt to plant them as suggested. Especially in frost areas. Thank you

MJ’s Mary
Home Grower
Zone 5

I ordered 50 Jersey Knight and 50 Millenium plants 2years ago. Followed the excellent directions in planting and have had 100% survival rate, and they are doing beautifully. This is in northern Minnesota in much less than ideal soil and each year we have had a number of days of 35 below zero temps. Very impressed with the quality of plants and the terrific directions and videos provided by Nourse.

Brian C
Home Grower
Zone 3

All plants are doing excellent. Can't wait to harvest in the next few years.

Eric Mc
Home Grower
Zone 3

Asparagus took very well and is growing quickly for its first year in the ground.

Home Grower
Zone 3

We have been selling asparagus roots in our retail store for 20 years. These were the best quality we have ever had. Our customers were very pleased with the productivity. Thank you Nourse Farms for you excellent product.

Triple X Feed and Farm Supply
Commercial Grower
Zone 4

Ordered 50 Jersey Knight Asparagus this past spring. I followed the directions provided by Nourse Farms in how to prepare the bed for the plants. Roots arrived in beautiful conditions, and most were up within a week. I have kept the bed weed free and watered when needed. These plants have exceeded my expectations! The fronds are at least 5 ft tall, vigorous, and healthy. I have had no disease or pest problems whatsoever. I highly recommend buying directly from this grower. I have been most satisfied.

Home Grower
Zone 8

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